What is a Vehicle Diagnostics Test and Why is it so Important?

vehicle diagnostics Rotherham ChesterfieldHere at CRS (Cosmetic Repair Solutions) Ltd, we’re often asked not only about what’s involved in a vehicle diagnostics test, but also why they’re so important for the health of your vehicle. In short, a vehicle diagnostic test involves a comprehensive check for any problems with your vehicle using a specialised diagnostic tool. The tests effectively reveal any problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle, and are absolutely critical to ensure successful repairs, and the smooth running of your vehicle.

What do Vehicle Diagnostics Tests Involve?

Before the integration of computer systems in vehicles, mechanics would have to put together clues based on their own experience and individual competence to diagnose and fix problems. But now, diagnostic software can be introduced to your vehicle’s OBD port. Most modern vehicles have an onboard computer processor in addition to microchips and sensors. These work in tandem with the mechanic’s car diagnostic scanning software in order to identify any problems with the vehicle.

Problems detected can range from issues with the oil tank and transmission, exhaust system issues, engine problems, air and coolant temperature, crankshaft issues, brake problems, and many more.

Why is a Vehicle Diagnostics Test So Important?

It’s more important than ever to ensure your vehicle has had a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics test. ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) are now very common latest-generation vehicles, and functions such as autonomous emergency braking, pedestrian and traffic sign recognition, assisted speed control and lane keep assist all need to be checked for faults to ensure your safety. It’s important to book a car diagnostic services if you feel that there is something with your vehicle, but it’s also sensible to have car diagnostics checked carried out once a year.

Vehicle diagnostics tests are so important because they can quickly and easily identify any vehicle malfunction, ensuring the mechanic can repair them quickly. When something does go wrong in your vehicle, its computer memory will record a fault code. The mechanic can then identify the issue using the code, which may identify anything from serious suspension issues, to smaller issues such as faulty windscreen wipers.

Vehicle Diagnostics in Chesterfield and Rotherham

As an independent, manufacturer approved vehicle diagnostics facility in Chesterfield and Rotherham, we recommend our fast, accurate, vehicle diagnostics services to rectify any minor issues before they turn into bigger problems, which will inevitably raise the cost of fixing them in the future. Regular vehicle diagnostics will ultimately save you time and money. For more info on the vehicle diagnostics services we offer, as well as ADAS calibration, and accident repair services, contact CRS on info@cosmeticrepair.co.uk