Rotherham & Chesterfield ADAS calibration

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems now come as standard in modern vehicles and serve a variety of different purposes to help improve safety and functionality. ADAS typically encompasses functions such as forward collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, and more. As an independent, manufacturer approved vehicle diagnostics and ADAS calibration facility in Chesterfield and Rotherham, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions on the subject.

What is Calibration and Why is it Important?

In short, calibration is the process of returning a vehicle’s Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems to OEM specifications. This is crucial because a vehicle’s computer relies on the functions of the ADAS system, such as cameras, radars, and lasers, to be correctly aligned in order to work properly. The ADAS system, however, doesn’t automatically adjust them itself. Calibration is necessary, therefore, to guide the vehicle’s computer, ensure these systems are working correctly, and ensure your safety as a driver or passenger of the vehicle.

When do you Need ADAS Calibration?

When certain parts of a vehicle are repaired or replaced, ADAS functionality can be adversely affected. This means that calibration is needed make sure it works again properly. For example, ADAS calibration should be carried out following routine maintenance or service, including windscreen replacement, parking sensor replacement, collision repairs, and wheel alignment. Using the using the latest scanning equipment, faults can be diagnosed quickly, and then reset to restore functionality to your system.

Are there Different Types of ADAS Calibration?

Depending on the type of vehicle, either a Stationary or Dynamic calibration procedure is required to calibrate ADAS sensors to vehicle modules. In some types of vehicle, both may be needed. Dynamic calibrations require the vehicle to be driven for a certain amount of time on roads with well-maintained road markings. Stationary calibrations, however, can be completed in a shop environment and require the use of targets or patterns.

ADAS Calibration in Rotherham and Chesterfield

As an independent, manufacturer approved vehicle diagnostics facility in Rotherham and Chesterfield, our fast, accurate, vehicle diagnostics services can rectify any minor issues with your vehicle’s ADAS before they turn into bigger problems. It’s important to book a car diagnostic services if you feel that there is something with your vehicle, but it’s also sensible to have car diagnostics checked carried out once a year. For more info on ADAS calibration servicesvehicle diagnostics services, and accident repair services, contact CRS on