Rotherham Chesterfield car paint protection

Here at CRS, we’re often asked about paint protection. Common questions include how it works and whether it’s worth it. In essence, protecting your vehicle with paint protection is great investment for the discerning vehicle owner. Of course, the way your car is cared for on a daily basis has a huge effect on not only the overall health of your vehicle, but it’s appearance too. This can play an important role in keeping the resale value of your vehicle as high as it can be, and generally the overall enjoyment of your vehicle.

What is Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is essentially an invisible, durable coating that is applied over the top of the car’s paintwork. This protective layer helps to shield the paint from stone chips, tree sap, bird droppings and fading, which are all common and damaging to cars that are left untreated. This invisible seal acts to preserve its glossy appearance and is hard-wearing enough to protects against any marks that may be caused by poor cleaning techniques, or an automated car wash.

In reality, your paintwork is constantly attacked by the numerous pollutants present within your driving environment such as break dust from the wheels, water, grit and more, which all contribute to gradually breaking down the surface of the paint and can lead to common problems such as oxidization and lack-lustre.

What are the Advantages of Paint Protection?

As an independent, manufacturer approved crash repair facility in Chesterfield and Rotherham, we always advocate the advantages of paint protection as a preventative measure. Paint protection is a great low-maintenance way of keeping your car’s exterior in good condition and protecting the paint work. In our opinion, paint protection is worth it, but only if it’s applied properly. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable provider who really knows what they’re doing. There’s still no guarantee your car will be scratch free even with paint protection applied, but it is a great preventative, and used in conjunction with a good quality car wax, is incredibly effective.

Paint Protection in Rotherham and Chesterfield

CRS offers paint protection services in addition to our other services. We take pride in using factory approved techniques and materials to ensure your vehicle is repaired and maintained to a standard that will retain its value. For more info on the accident repair services we offer, as well as general maintenance of your vehicle including alloy wheel refurbishment, car body repairs, or windscreen replacement, contact CRS on