5 Winter Driving Tips from Rotherham & Chesterfield Accident Repair Specialists

rotherham chesterfield crash repair winter driving tips

Winter in the UK is notorious for road traffic accidents due to the increase in adverse weather conditions including ice, snow, and hail. When the cold weather hits the driving conditions change rapidly and often dramatically, so it’s important that you adjust your driving techniques too. Preparing your vehicle for winter journeys is also important for safety.  As accident repair specialists in Rotherham and Chesterfield, we’ll talk you through 5 winter driving tips to help you prevent accidents and protect your vehicle during the winter months.

Winter Tyres

Fitting your car with winter tyres is a sensible action to take during the colder months. Winter tyres have a different tread pattern and a softer, more rubbery consistency than your regular tyres. This helps to improve braking, steering and grip in temperatures below 7°C. Although it’s a legal requirement in some European countries to have winter tyres, this isn’t the case in the UK. As accident repair specialists, we’d always recommend winter tyres in preparation of adverse driving conditions during the winter. Better to be safe than sorry!

Lighting Checks

Shorter days and more travel time in darkness means that checking your lights should be high up on your priority list at this time of year. Ensure that you check your headlights and taillights on a regular basis to ensure they are both legal and roadworthy.

Battery Level Checks

During the colder months, the battery of your vehicle needs more power to function. The increased use of lights and heating are the most common battery draining culprits, so before the cold hits it’s well worth having your electrical system and battery tested to make sure it can cope with the conditions.

Watch your Speed

Although it may seem obvious, one of the simplest things you can do to ensure safe winter driving is keeping an eye on your speed. Recommended driving styles vary depending on the conditions. For example, in snow, take it very slow and steady at a constant speed. Fog also requires a much slower speed as visibility can be severely impaired. In rain, ensure you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front, as well as watching your speed, as stopping distances can be compromised.

Asses your Windscreen before a Journey

In winter, the combination of colder conditions outside and warm heaters inside your vehicle can cause stress on the windscreen, resulting in chips forming cracks. Your windscreen actually provides up to 30% of your car’s structural strength, therefore it is very important for supporting airbag deployment.

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