3 Signs you Need your Air Con Re-Gassing

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Most modern cars now include air conditioning as standard, which no doubt comes a relief after the summer we’ve just had! Although we’ve come to expect (and enjoy) it, it’s actually really important to keep on top of the maintenance of the air conditioning system to make sure it works properly. As crash repair specialists in Chesterfield, Sheffield and Rotherham, we always recommend re-gassing your car’s air conditioning system every one to two years, in line with the advice from most manufacturers. But what are the signs that your air con may be need re-gassing? Here are 3 major signs.

Lowered Cooling Capacity

All air conditioning systems will lose effectiveness over a period of time so if you notice a drop in the overall cooling capacity of the air conditioning system or that the air is not blowing as cold as it was before, it’s time for a re-gas.

This will probably be more evident during the warmer months as you’ll find your car struggling to get down to a cool temperature, so if you do notice changes, get booked in before the winter. A less efficient air-con system during the colder months will mean that it may take much longer to demist your windows in the winter and could even lead to parts seizing up and pipes cracking.

Odd Noises

If you notice strange noises coming from your air conditioning system, this is a clear sign that a re-gas may be needed. When you turn it on, you should only be able to hear the fan blowing cool air, not a banging or rattling sound. Noises such as this may be directly related to your air conditioning system and should be checked out sooner rather than later.

You Notice a Musty Smell

Another tell-tale sign that you need your aircon re-gassing is if you notice an unpleasant or musty smell coming from the system. This is often a result of moisture and damp, as well as dirt and dust particles collecting in the refrigerant gas.  No one wants to travel with an odd smell circulating in their car and replacing your gas will most likely solve this. The bad smell could also indicate that mould is growing inside the system which really shouldn’t be ingested and could even cause allergic reactions or breathing-related problems.

Incidentally, here at CRS, we add an antibacterial sanitiser to your air con system, which travels through your air con system and cleans and kills the bacteria that has built up over time, leaving a pleasant ‘new car’ fragrance. It’s also included as standard!

Rotherham, Sheffield and Chesterfield Air Con Regas Services

As an independent, manufacturer approved crash repair facility in Chesterfield, Sheffield and Rotherham, CRS (Cosmetic Repair Solutions) Ltd offers full re-gassing for both the new R1234yr system and the older R134a system, as well as annual maintenance and servicing.

For more information on the air conditioning regas services we offer, as well as general maintenance of your vehicle including alloy wheel refurbishment, car body repairs, or windscreen replacement, contact CRS on info@cosmeticrepair.co.uk