Choosing the Right Garage for your Parking Sensor Fitting in Rotherham & Chesterfield

Rotherham Chesterfield parking sensors fitting

Although most modern cars come with parking sensors fitted as standard, for older vehicles and those without manufacturer fitted ones,  they can be fitted retrospectively. Many people find parking in narrow spaces tricky and find that having parking sensors fitted gives them a sense of safety and security when parking, taking the stress out it. So, if you’ve decided that parking sensor fitting is something you’d like to go ahead with, how do you choose the right garage? As experts in parking sensor fitting in Rotherham & Chesterfield, here are our top tips.

Top Quality Components

Choosing a garage that uses quality components is really important when having parking sensors fitted. Parking sensors send out and receive radio waves which communicate with a hideaway brain that works like a computer. The computer then converts the electromagnetic waves into distance, enabling it to work out exactly how far away from an object you are. A buzzer incorporated into the computer automatically beeps when it detects an object that is within the distance of the sensors. The faster the beep, the nearer the object is. So, choosing a garage that uses top quality components, like us, ensuring they work correctly for a decent period of time, is key.

Experience and Knowledge

It goes without saying that you should choose parking sensor fitting services in Rotherham & Chesterfield with both experience and knowledge. It is possible to buy parking sensor kits that you can fit to your car yourself, but we’d always recommend choosing a professional. Getting parking sensors fitted by a professional will not only ensure you get good quality sensors, but it will also result in a better finish and installation.

Experts in Rear and Front Parking Sensor Fitting

Although rear parking sensors are the most common type of parking sensor, as well as the most popular, it’s also possible to have front parking sensors fitted to your vehicle. The visibility from the front of the car is obviously much better than from the rear but they can still be useful for some models and makes of car, particularly those that have sloping bonnets or deep dashboards. So, choosing a garage that specialises in rear and front parking sensors is important too.

Parking Sensor Fitting in Rotherham and Chesterfield

As an independent, manufacturer approved crash repair specialist in Rotherham & Chesterfield, we regularly fit parking sensors to both front and rear, on a variety of vehicles. Not only are they simple to operate, but we also fit a wide range for most makes and models. For more info on the parking sensor fitting services we offer, as well as ADAS calibration, and accident repair services Rotherham & Chesterfield, contact CRS on