4 Things you Need to Know about Accident Repairs

Rotherham Chesterfield car accident repair

It’s never much fun to have to sort out accident repairs after you’ve had a bump or scrape, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. As accident repair specialists in Chesterfield and Rotherham, we are old hands at completing accident repairs to the highest standard, not to mention organising all the repairs and relevant paperwork. So, here are 4 things we think you need to know about accident repairs.

1. Crash Repairs are More than Skin Deep

The first thing you need to know about accident repairs is that they often address more than just the aesthetics of a vehicle. When your car is in involved in a collision it can have an impact on its entirety. What may look like moderate damage such as bent body panels may have a knock-on effect on your cars frame components, wheels, and even drivetrain. For example, wheel alignment is an important part of accident repair because even minor damage can have an effect on the position of the suspension.

2. Choose a Manufacturers Approved Repairer

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a manufacture approved repairer. The only way to make sure your vehicle is returned to you in its pre-accident state following any damage is to choose this option. Not only will the manufacturer-approved repairer have a direct relationship with the company that built your car, but they will also have a high level of technical knowledge specific to your brand of vehicle, support from the manufacturer itself, and a range of specialist equipment to carry out a safe, high-quality repair.

3. Ensure Genuine Replacement Parts are Used

It might seem like a good idea to use cheaper, non-genuine parts. Some are indeed good imitations, but that’s where the benefits stop. Choosing genuine parts mean they have been subject to rigorous safety tests and approved by the manufacturer, therefore ensuring that you, your vehicle, and other road users are safe.

4. Make Sure you Maintain your Warranty

Another important thing to bear in mind when it comes to accident repairs is making sure you get a genuine repair guarantee. This means any warranties that are left on your vehicle from when you bought it will still stand. It’s worth noting that only manufacturer-approved accident repair companies are able to issue genuine repair guarantees, so bear that in mind when you chose one!

Crash Repair Chesterfield & Rotherham

Here at CRS, we are an independent, manufacturer approved crash repair facility in Chesterfield and Rotherham. We take pride in using factory approved techniques and materials to ensure your vehicles warranty is not affected upon accident repair. We’ll even provide you with a written guarantee on completion of the repair which states that all repairs comply to manufacturer standards. For more info on the accident repair services we offer, as well as general maintenance of your vehicle including alloy wheel refurbishment, car body repairs, or windscreen replacement, contact CRS on info@cosmeticrepair.co.uk